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Herzlich Willkommen!

Euer besonderer Tag steht bevor und ihr seid bestimmt gerade mitten in den Planungen.

Ihr wünscht euch, dass alles perfekt läuft, da es für eure Hochzeit nur einen einzigen Versuch gibt.

Dabei ist euch wichtig, dass die richtige Musik zur richtigen Zeit läuft,

die Stimmung gut ist und die Gäste Spaß haben.


Um euren großen Tag perfekt zu machen wird eure Hochzeit deshalb von mir

musikalisch komplett auf euch zugeschnitten. 

In meinem Video erhaltet ihr einen ersten Eindruck

von mir und meiner Arbeit.


Hier erfahrt ihr mehr über ...


Der Hochzeits-DJ
für euren besonderen Tag.

Rhythmus im Blut und die richtige Technik im Gepäck.


Ich beurteile meine eigenen Leistungen ungern selbst und habe euch deshalb

ein paar Einblicke und Rezensionen von ehemaligen Kunden/-innen aufgeführt.


Sabrina & Grig
Kathi & Flo
Astrid & Mirko
Eileen & Robin
Lorena & Felix

Vereinbart jetzt
ein kostenloses Erstgespräch
mit mir

Fragen & Antworten

  • How far in advance do you have to book me?
    Most bridal couples book me 8-12 months before their wedding. At short notice there are sometimes still individual gaps, but that is rarely the case, so I recommend booking at least a year in advance.
  • What happens if you get sick?
    Thank God it hasn't happened to me in 7 years that I got sick spontaneously. Of course I hope it stays that way. However, just in case, I have equivalent emergency DJs in my network who would step in for me in such a case, so that you can still celebrate a great party that evening.
  • How expensive are you?
    The price for a DJ at a wedding can vary due to various factors such as distance, timing, size of your wedding party and location, the equipment you want and the planned time frame. Just let me know your date and location so that I can clarify with you whether the date is possible and whether there will be any travel costs. I will give you a fair price after I found out what exactly you need in our first meeting.
  • What is your maximum travel distance?
    I'm am happy to party with you not just in NRW, but whole Germany and even abroad if you wish.
  • Can you recommend us good locations, wedding speakers, singers, photo and videographers or saxophonists?
    Since I've been to several weddings and have seen many artists personally, I'm happy to recommend good artists to you and I'd be happy to help you find the right location.
  • Do you also rent photo boxes?
    I don't offer photo boxes myself, but there is the possibility to book a photo box through a cooperation partner.
  • Why a DJ and not a band?
    I don't want to badmouth a band. Bands can create incredible atmosphere and add something special to a party. However, bands are always restricted by their choice of music and find it difficult to respond to spontaneous music requests. So it's almost impossible for them to appeal to the entire audience and keep the mood level up throughout the evening. That's why I often recommend the combination of a DJ and a band, if you don't want to do without it.
  • How can we arrange a meeting?
    Either via the contact form or simply send me an email or Whatsapp message.
  • When will the equipment be set up?
    My equipment is usually set up 30-120 minutes before the first guests arrive. However, we can discuss this individually.
  • Can we also book you without technology?
    It is possible to book my service without technology. From my own experience, however, I always recommend my technology, as this is the only way I can ensure that the quality is high and that there are no faults or failures.
  • For up to how many people is your equipment suitable?
    My own equipment I can easily use it for celebrations of up to 200 people. By working with my network partners, scaling to up to 1,000 people is possible on request.
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