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Our collaboration

Your special day is approaching and you are probably in the middle of the planning. You want everything to go perfectly as there is only one try for your wedding. It is important to you that the right music is playing at the right time, the atmosphere is good and the guests are having fun.

In order to make your big day perfect, I will tailor the music to your wedding. Therefore, we will discuss all special features and wishes in advance in our first meeting. After that I will send you my fair price and nothing stands in the way of a successful cooperation. 

If you decide to work with me after a free introductory meeting, you can always reach out to me personally on several channels (phone, WhatsApp, email, Skype, etc.).


It's not a problem if you're not from Essen, Düsseldorf, Cologne or NRW area, because thanks to today's technology we can always be in close personal contact.


Several months before the wedding, you sometimes don't even know exactly how the evening should go and different things spontaneously come to mind before the wedding. I can also give you suggestions for the process if necessary. 1-3 weeks before the wedding we go through your special day again in a final meeting so that nothing stands in the way of an amazing evening. Flexible adjustments in the evening itself are also possible.


A few more impressions for you...

My cooperation partners

Do you already have a location, a wedding speaker, a photographer and videographer?


In the past I had the opportunity to work together with different service providers,

and some of them I can highly recommend due to positive experiences.

I also offer cooperation with saxophonists on request.

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A team of wedding professionals for you.

Wedding Planner.jpg

Wedding Planners

With a lot of love for detail.


Hochzeits- und Eventsänger

I'll sing for your special moment.



Photography of loving souls – without trash.

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