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Imagine your best day ends in an acoustic debacle or you are left in the dark throughout the evening. That would have a huge negative impact on the evening. We definitely want to prevent this WORST case. That's why the quality and, above all, the reliability of the equipment is extremely important to me.

I only use equipment that I have thoroughly checked before the performance and with which I have had good experiences in the past.

You or your groomsmen have certainly already planned surprises in the form of games, speeches, videos, etc. for you. I am happy to provide the most modern and high-quality wireless microphones for this – your loved ones can use them to move freely and moderate without interference within a radius of up to 80m. 


If it is important to you that the ambience in the location leaves a pleasant impression, my lighting technology can support this. Colors and lights also help to amplify musical emotions. Depending on requirements, suitable lighting technology can be booked individually. You can leave the construction and the targeted design to me if you have no special wishes. 



Every real party needs the right equipment. This can be customized. For most weddings, however, I use the following EQ, with which I have had very good and reliable experiences so far:


- Music system from RCF (Art 715-A MK4, Sub 705- AS II)

- Lights (CLS Spotlights/ Floorspots, CLS LaserbarSystem)

- Wireless microphone (2x from Tonor)

- Fog machine (Platinum Fog)

- Pioneer Dj Controller (ddj sx2)


The perfect way to capture your moments!


Celebrate your big day with our photo box! 

We offer you 

-    300 instant print images 

-    Unlimited images saved on a USB stick

-    lots of fun props 

-    a canvas to present your creative images

-    Setup and dismantling so you can concentrate fully on your celebration

Create unforgettable memories and share the joy with your guests - our photo box makes your wedding even more special.

Inquire now via the contact form and let the fun begin!



At weddings you often meet a diverse audience, so I have a very wide musical repertoire and enjoy playing different styles of music. From the 80s, 90s, 2000s, EDM to Schlager/Ballermann, rock to German rap and even more.


My particular strengths lie in the areas of Latino (reggaeton etc.) and the 80s/90s/2000s. I let my intuitive feeling and experience determine the timing and music selection.


I try as best as I can to incorporate the often spontaneous wishes of the guests and the bride and groom into the flow. In my opinion, playlists are too static and inflexible, the following lists are just intended to give you an idea of the direction the evening “can” take musically.

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